There was no legal requirement to mark electroplated goods and any letter, symbol or number punched in silverplate wares is part of the individual trademark used by manufacturers to customize their own production.
The punches consisted usually of letters corresponding to the initials of the electroplater coupled to other letters (e.g. "EP" for Electro Plated or "S" for Sheffield) and symbols composing a sequence similar to that used by Assay Offices for sterling silver hallmarking.
The attribution of trade marks based on maker's initials is problematic given that various makers had often the same initials and no registration was due for this type of marks.
Usually the identification can rely on the exam of advertisements, catalogs, invoices and city directories but the whirling world of openings, closures, mergers, transformations that characterized the 19th century electroplating business in Sheffield and Birmingham has had the consequence that many trade marks of minor manufacturers continue to remain unidentified.
In this page I present a wide array of "unidentified" trade marks displayed in alphabetical order of the supposed maker's initials (other letters as EP, BM, A, B, S, etc. are ignored).
In addition are illustrated silverplate marks bearing full name or descriptive trademark missing of information about manufacturer's activity


- A -
A&CO unidentified A & over W inside a shield unidentified A.B&S unidentified A.C unidentified AC&CO unidentified ACE unidentified AEB unidentified AJ unidentified AM&Co unidentified AN  unidentified ar ba ta unidentified AW&JH into a shield unidentified A.W.G Ltd  unidentified

- B -
B&H unidentified B&H unidentified B&H: unidentified B & S unidentified B&UP unidentified Bainbridge & Co Ltd unidentified BEACON PLATE unidentified B.HOYLAND unidentified BIRKS-ELLIS unidentified BONANZA SILVER unidentified BP&CO unidentified BP  Co unidentified BRITISH ELECTROPLATE COMPANY unidentified BRITISH NOBLEMAN: unidentified BRITISH SILVERED PLATE P.B. into a circle: unidentified BT&CoS unidentified

- C -
C&C over C unidentified C&H: unidentified C&R unidentified CAROLINE PLATE unidentified CBros over L unidentified CCGP unidentified CE: unidentified C.ELLIS unidentified CMCo unidentified CP&CO unidentified CRAFTON: unidentified CSC SL unidentified

- D -
D&J: unidentified D&W unidentified DARLING WOOD & ANFIELD unidentified DE MONTFORT PLATE: unidentified DL Ld unidentified DORCHESTER SILVER PLATE unidentified DP unidentified DP&CO unidentified DURESCENT SILVER H.S.M. unidentified

- E -
E&S unidentified EB&Co unidentified EBW&S unidentified, possibly EB Wands EFP unidentified EL unidentified ETM unidentified ETM unidentified

- F -
F & Co unidentified F & F: unidentified F&G into a shield unidentified F&S unidentified F&W unidentified F&W unidentified FAGH unidentified F.A.G.H & Co unidentified FB unidentified F.B.G unidentified F.B.(G) Ld unidentified F.B.(G)  unidentified FBS unidentified F.Co unidentified F.E.A. unidentified FGS unidentified FH & S unidentified FN&S unidentified FP&CO: unidentified FS&D unidentified F.W unidentified F.W. unidentified

- G -
G & C unidentified G&H unidentified G symbol A unidentified GCW unidentified G.F.W over &S unidentified G.G.Co: unidentified GH unidentified GILPIN LTD unidentified G.KURZ &Co 'sun' '1861' unidentified GSSP unidentified GT&S unidentified GXES unidentified

- H -
H&Co unidentified H&M unidentified H & S unidentified HA&S: unidentified HACKETT unidentified HB&CO unidentified HB over S unidentified HB ARISTOCRAT unidentified H Bros S unidentified HC&CS unidentified H.DUNSHEATH unidentified HENDRO unidentified H.H  unidentified HM unidentified HM NS unidentified H.M.S. unidentified HP unidentified HP&M unidentified HP&S unidentified

- I -
IB unidentified IB unidentified IBBOTSON'S unidentified

- J -
J inside a shield unidentified J&D unidentified JA unidentified JA unidentified JA unidentified JA&Co unidentified Gothic Silver and JA&Co unidentified JB: unidentified JB unidentified JB&CO unidentified jBe unidentified JC HX: unidentified J.F: unidentified JF Cutler unidentified JGJ unidentified J.H. AWMACK.LD  unidentified JK & Co unidentified JM unidentified JMC &S unidentified J.M.Co.: unidentified J.N. Lowe (Sheffield) Ld unidentified JOHN POUND: unidentified JS&S star unidentified JSH&Co into circles - unidentified J.S.S unidentified J S S  unidentified JTE unidentified JTH: unidentified JW: unidentified (possibly Potosi) JW&Co: unidentified JW&S: unidentified J.W.B - unidentified JWB Ld unidentified

- K -
K&SSP unidentified KV & C unidentified

- L -
L&D and HALLAM PLATE: unidentified Lancelot Plate - unidentified LARKO - unidentified L.D&Co unidentified LH&S unidentified L.ROE & SON unidentified

- M -
M & W unidentified Markham Gainsboro unidentified MM&S unidentified M+S+EP unidentified MUNKA under a 'crown': unidentified

- N -
N&NB unidentified N&SL unidentified NB&N unidentified NEWHALL: unidentified NFCO into a quatrefoil: unidentified

- O -
OJS into a shield unidentified OS MO ND: unidentified

- P - Q -
P&Co: unidentified P&W: unidentified PC over L: unidentified PDT&Co unidentified P.G unidentified PG&Co unidentified P.HARRINGTON - unidentified PHSS&Co unidentified PLATO - unidentified PLATO - unidentified PSL - unidentified

- R -
R&Co unidentified R&RK unidentified R&S unidentified RB unidentified REDGE PLATE unidentified RF unidentified RJS unidentified R.M. unidentified RO unidentified RP&S unidentified RSM unidentified R. SPILLER unidentified RT&Co unidentified

- S -
S & B Ltd: unidentified S & P unidentified S&R unidentified S & S unidentified SCOTIA SILVER unidentified SEAL unidentified SEPL: unidentified S.G unidentified SJS unidentified SN&Co unidentified SPC unidentified SR&M unidentified bee (figural) SS unidentified SS&S unidentified S.SHIERS unidentified ST&CO: unidentified STB unidentified STSP Kentshire - unidentified SW & S unidentified

- T -
T.B  unidentified TD&S unidentified TE&S unidentified TH&S unidentified THD Bombay Silver unidentified TH. HENRY: unidentified T.L unidentified Truxcott Sidmouth unidentified TS&S unidentified TW unidentified TW&CO Ltd: unidentified TWCS unidentified

- U -
UNETT PLATE unidentified UNETT PLATE unidentified Unicorn unidentified

- V -
VT&Co unidentified

- W - X -
W inside a lozenge unidentified W&H unidentified W&S unidentified WB unidentified WCG unidentified WD&S unidentified Webber and Hill - unidentified WEH&S unidentified WGSS unidentified WHC unidentified W.H.H. unidentified WILDMAN'S unidentified WINCHESTER unidentified WM unidentified PATRICIAN PLATE WRIGHT LTD unidentified W.T.M unidentified WW&JH: unidentified WW&S unidentified

- Y - Z -
YSC unidentified

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