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This is a page of A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of vertu, a 1000 pages richly illustrated website offering all you need to know about antique silver, sterling silver, silverplate, sheffield plate, electroplate silver, silverware, flatware, tea services and tea complements, marks and hallmarks, articles, books, auction catalogs, famous silversmiths (Tiffany, Gorham, Jensen, Elkington), history, oddities ...

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(lower-case letter denote smaller ones but they may be capital letters)

e&c over p into a clover (Edwin Charles Purdie [ L ] [ C ]) 19th c./20th c.
E & Co in script into a trefoil (Elkington & Co [ B ][L]) 19th c./20th c.
E & Co Ld into three circles (Elkington & Co [ B ][L]) 19th c./20th c.
E& Co (Elkington & Co Limited [ B ] [ C ] [L]) 19th c./20th c.
E&Co&Ld in script (Elkington & Co Limited [ B ][ L ][ C ] ) 19th c./20th c.
E& Co (Elder & Co [ E ] ) 19th c./1st half
E&Co (Elkington & Co Limited [ B ][L] ) 19th c./20th c.
E& over Co (Elkington & Co Limited[ B ][L] ) 19th c./20th c.
E& Co over Ltd into a shield (Ellis & Co Ltd [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
E& Co D into an oval (E Druiff & Co [ B ] ) entered 1919
E&J into a chamfered rectangle (not identified [ L ] ) 2001
E& JL (E & J Leek [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
E& N over S into a triangle (E & N Speak [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
E&S into two conjoined circles (Edward & Sons [B][G][L] ) 20th c./1st half
E&S into a lozenge (Edwards & Sons [C][L] ) 20th c./1st half
EA gothic into a shield (Edward Aldridge [L] ) 18th c.
EA into a rectangle (Edward Aldridge [L] ) 18th c./2nd half
E.A into a lozenge (widow of Edward Aldridge senior -possibly- [L] ) mid 18th c.
E.A in script into a rectangle (Edward Aldridge [L] ) 18th c.
EB in script (Edward Betts [ L ] ) 19th c./1st half
EB into a rectangle (Edward Barton [ L ]) entered 1822
EB in script into a heart (Edward Brown [ L ] ) end 19th c.
EB (Elizabeth Bainbridge [ D ]) 19th c./1st half
EB (Edmund Bell [ S ] ) 19th c./2nd half
E.B into an oval (J William Caldicott - Edward Baker & Son [ B ][ C ]) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
E.B into an oblong oval (E. Baker & Son [ B ]) 20th c.
E.B into a rectangle (Edmund Bennett [ L ]) entered 1892
EB over & over JNB in quaterfoil (Edward & John Barnard [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
EB over & over JB into a quatrefoil (Edward and John Barnard [ L ]) mid 19th c.
EB over JB (Edward and John Barnard [ B ][ L ]) end 19th c.
EB over Ss into a shield (Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd [ L ] ) 20th c.
eBs under & over Ld into a shield (Edward Barnard & Sons [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
E.B over W.B without frame (Edwin Barling & William Barling [ L ]) end 19th c./20th c.
EC into a rectangle (Elizabeth Cooke [ L ]) entered 1764
E.C into a rectangle (Ebenezer Coker [ L ]) entered 1738
EC (E. Crofton [ D ]) 19th c./1st half
E.C in script (Ebenezer Coker [ L ] ) 18th c.
E.C in script (Elias Cachart [ L ] ) 18th c./2nd half
EC over B into a trefoil (Richards & Brown -Edward Charles Brown- [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
E.C over T.H (Ebenezer Coker & Thomas Hannam [ L ] ) 18th c./2nd half
E.D into a shield (Ernest Drew [ L ]) 20th c./1st half
E.D without frame (Edward Davis [ B ][ C ][ L ]) end 19th c.
ED over JSD into a shield (Drew & Sons (Ernest & John Summers Drew [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
EDWARD (George Edward & Sons [ D ] ) 19th c./2nd half
EE into twin circles in contact (Elizabeth Eaton [L]) mid 19th c..
E.E (E Edmonds [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
E.E (Edward Edwards I [ L ] ) 19th c./1st half
E E over B over J W (Edward, Edward Jnr., John and W. Barnard [ L ]) 19th c.
EE over JE into a square (Elizabeth Eaton & John Eaton [ L ] ) entered 1858
EF (Edward Fernell [ L ] ) 18th c./2nd half
E.F into two conjoined circles (Edward Farrell [ L ] ) entered 1819
EF (Edward Feline [ L ] )
EFB (E F Braham [ B ] ) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
EF into a circle (Esther Forbes [ D ] ) 18th c./1st half
E.F.B & Co (E F Braham & Co [ B ] ) mid 20th c.
E.F.C into a shield (not identified [ B ] ) 1979
E.F over H.T. into a shield (Horace Woodward & Co -Edgar Finley & Hugh Taylor- [ B ][ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
EG into a lozenge under a fleur de lys (?) and over a star (?) (Elizabeth Godfrey [ L ] ) entered 1741
EGP into a rectangle (Eustace George Parker [ L ] ) entered 1895
E.G.P into a rectangle (Eustace George Parker (possibly) [ B ]) 1897
EH into a scalloped frame (William Hutton & Sons -Edward Hutton- [ L ] [ S ]) entered 1880
E.H (Edward Hall [ L ] ) 18th c./1st half
EH&Co into an oval (Edwin Horton, trading as Horton & Co [B]) 20th c./1st half
EH&Co (Edwin Horton, trading as Horton & Co [C]) 20th c./1st half
E.H&Co (E.Hart, L.Smith, F.Davies trading as E.Hart & Co [B] [C]) 20th c./1st half
EHP over & Co into a shield (E H Parkin & Co [ S ]) 20th c.
EHP over & Co Ltd into a shield (E H Parkin & Co -possibly- [ S ]) 20th c.
EHP (E H Parkin & Co [ S ]) 20th c.
EHS (Edward H Stockwell [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
EHT (Edward Henry Turberville [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half

EI under a crown (Edward Jennings [ L ] ) 18th c./1st half
EI (Elizabeth Jones [ L ] ) entered 1783
EI (Edward Jay [ L ] ) 18th c./2nd half
EIM into a rectangle (Elly Isaac Miller [L] ) end 19th c.
EJ (Edward Jay [ B ] ) mid 18th c.
EJ (Edwin Jones [ B ] ) 19th c./1st half
EJ (Edward Jackson [ Y ] ) 19th c./1st half
EJ into a lozenge (Elizabeth Jackson -later Oldfield- [ L ] ) mid 19th c.
EJ intertwined (Edmund Johnson [ S ] ) end 19th c.
EJ (Edward Joseph [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
E.J (Edmund Johnson -E Johnson Ltd- [ D ] ) 19th c./beginning 20th c.
EJ intertwined(Edmund Johnson -E Johnson Ltd- [ D ] ) 19th c./beginning 20th c.
EJ over B over & W (Edward, John & William Barnard [ L ] ) mid 19th c.
EJE into three conjoined circles (not identified [ S ] ) 1943
E.J.G (Ellis Jacob Greenberg [ B ] ) end 19th c./1st half
E.J over G into a shield (Ellis Jacob Greenberg -Ellis & Co (Birmingham) Ltd- [ B ][ L ][ S ] ) 20th c./1st half
EJH into three circles (E J Houlston [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
EJH over CB into a shield (Haseler & Bill -E J Haseler & C Bill- [ B ][ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
EJH over NH into a shield (Haseler Brothers -Edward John Haseler & Noble Haseler- [ B ][ C ][ L ] ) end 19th c./20th c.
E.J.L (E J Lowe [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
E.J over Ltd into a shield (Edmond Johnson Ltd [ S ] ) 20th c./1st half
E.J.Ltd into an oval (Exquisite Jewellery Ltd [ B ] ) 20th c./2nd half
E.J.LTD into an oblong oval (Exquisite Jewellery Ltd [ B ] ) 20th c./2nd half
E.J.P (E J Partridge [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
EJW without contour (Edward John Wells [ L ] ) entered 1862
EK into two conjoined octagons (Erich Kellerman [ L ] ) entered 1909
EK (Enid Kelsey [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
E.K.R into two conjoined circles (Edward Ker Reid [ L ] ) entered 1855
EL under a crown (Edward Lothian [ E ] ) 18th c./1st half
E.L (Emmanuel Levy [ EX ] ) 19th c./1st half
EL (Edward Lees [ L ] ) beginning 19th c.
EL over L into a shield (Ernest Lloyd Lawrence [ L ] ) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
E.M (Elizabeth Morley [ L ] ) beginning 19th c.
EM (Elizabeth Morley [ L ]) end 18th c./beginning 19th c.
EM (E Millard [ EX ] ) 19th c./1st half
EM (E McKenzie [ E ]) mid 19th c./
EM &Co gothic (Elkington Mason & Co [ B ][ S] ) mid 19th c./
E.M. & Co. (Eldona Manufacturing Co Ltd [ B ]) 20th c./1st half
E.M without contour (not identified [ C ]) Chester 1887
E.M &S (E Mander & Sons [ B ]) 20th c./1st half
EM over JM (Edward & Joseph Charles Mappin -Mappin Bros- [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
E.N into a rectangle (Ebenezer Newman [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
EO (Elizabeth Oldfield [ L ] ) mid 18th c.
E.O.Co into a rectangle (Elliott Optical Co [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
EP (Edward Penman [ E ]) 18th c./1st half
EP (Edward Power [ D ]) 19th c./1st half
E.P (Edward Pairpoint [ L ]) mid 19th c.
EP and TWY+ (double mark) (Edward Power and Edward Twy [ D ]) 19th c./1st half
ER (Emick Romer [ L ] ) 18th c./2nd half
ER over JP (Edward Robinson & James Phipps [ L ] ) 18th c./2nd half
ER into a rectangle (Edward Richardson [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
ES (Edward Smith [ B ] ) 19th c.
ES into two conjoined circles (Edward Sweet [ EX ] ) 19th c.
ES (Edward Stammers [ L ] ) 19th c./1st half
E.S (Edward Sawyer [ B ] ) 18th c./2nd half
E.S&Co (E.Silver & Co [ S ] ) 1947
E.S.B (E S Barnsley & Co Ltd -Edward Souter Barnsley- [ B ] ) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
ES over WS into a quarterfoil (Edward & William Smith [ S ] ) mid 19th c.
E.T into a chamfered rectangle (Edward Thomason [ B ] ) entered 1815
ET into a rectangle (Edward Thomason [ B ] ) 19th c./1st half
ET (Elizabeth Tookey [ L ] ) 18th c./2nd half
ETB into a chamfered rectangle (Edwin Thomson Bryant [ L ] ) end 19th c.
E.U into a rectangle (Edwin Umfreville [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
EV inside a circle (Edward Vincent [ L ]) entered c. 1720
EV (Viners Ltd -Edward Viner [ S ]) 20th c./2nd half
E.V (Viners Ltd -Edward Viner [ B ][ S ]) 20th c./1st half
EW gothic (Edward Wood [ L ] ) 18th c./1st half
EW gothic under a fleur de lys (Edward Wakelin [ L ]) entered 1747
EW into an oval (Emma Weil [ L ] ) end 19th c.
E.W.H (E W Haywood [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half



The hallmarking of British sterling silver is based on a combination of marks that makes possible the identification of origin and age of each piece.

This is the combination of marks used to assay silver:

Town mark, corresponding to the hallmark of the Assay Office which verified the piece

London town mark    Sheffield town mark    Birmingham town mark    Newcastle town mark    Dublin town mark    Edinburgh town mark    Glasgow town mark

Lion passant guardant or Britannia or lion's head erased, certifying the silver quality

lion passant: 1598-1820    lion passant: after 1820    Britannia and lion's head erased: from 1697 to 1718

Maker's mark, identifying the silversmith presenting the piece to the assay office (usually the initials of Christian name and surname of the silversmith)

examples of maker's mark

Date letter, in cycles of twenty letters of the alphabet of different shape identifies the year in which the piece was verified by the Assay Office

London date letter 'a' London date letter 'a'

A further mark was used in the period 1784 - 1890:
Sovereign head ('duty mark'), certifying the payment of the duty

Sovereign head: duty mark George III, 1784 Sovereign head: duty mark George III, 1795 Sovereign head: duty mark George IV, 1822 Sovereign head: duty mark George IV, 1825 Sovereign head: duty mark William IV, 1835 Sovereign head: duty mark Victoria, 1838

worldwide hallmarks overview WORLD OVERVIEW   (under construction)      Argentina     Australia      Austria      Austria-Hungary      Belgium      Brazil      Canada      Cape Colony      Channel Islands      Chinese Export Silver      Colombia      Czechoslovakia      Czechia/Czech Republic      Denmark      Egypt      England, Scotland, Ireland (town)      Estonia      Europe hallmarks      Finland      France      Germany      Hanau      Hungary      Iran (Persia)      Ireland      Italy      Latvia      Lithuania      Malta      Mexico      The Netherlands      Norway      Peru      Pipe makers and pipe mounters      Poland      Portugal      Romania      Russia      Russia (Artels)      Russia (Kokoshnik)      Scotland      Scotland (Provincial)      Slovakia      South Africa      Spain      Sri Lanka      Sweden      Switzerland      UK makers (sterling)      UK (contemporary marks)      USA (sterling)      Yogya silver


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