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This is a page of A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of vertu, a 1000 pages richly illustrated website offering all you need to know about antique silver, sterling silver, silverplate, sheffield plate, electroplate silver, silverware, flatware, tea services and tea complements, marks and hallmarks, articles, books, auction catalogs, famous silversmiths (Tiffany, Gorham, Jensen, Elkington), history, oddities ...


&ACo over Ltd into a quatrefoil (Asprey&Co Limited [L]) 20th c./2nd half
& C co into three conjoined circles (Collingwood & Co [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
& over EBs over Ld into a shield (Edward Barnard & Sons [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
& over H over s into a shield (not identified [ L ] ) 1931
&T C over Sn into a quatrefoil (Thomas Callow & Son [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
& over W.B over S into a quatrefoil (William Base & Sons [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
& over WW into a trefoil (Wakely & Wheeler [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
A&Co into a pentagon (Asprey&Co Limited [C]) 20th c./1st half
A&CoLtd (Asprey&Co Limited [L][B][C][S]) 20th c./1st half
A&Co Ltd into a shaped rectangle (Asprey&Co Limited [B]) 20th c./1st half
A&D into a chamfered rectangle (Allen & Darwin -Charles James Allen & Sidney Darwin- [ S ] ) entered 1892
A&F.T (A & F Thorneywork [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
A& G.C (A & G Cairncross [E]) 20th c./2nd half
A&H (Alston & Hallam [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
A& J.Z into a rectangle (Arthur & John Zimmerman or A & J Zimmerman Ltd [ B ] ) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
A& over JZ into a shield (Arthur & John Zimmerman or A & J Zimmerman Ltd [ B ] ) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
A&L (Adie & Lovekin [ B ]) 19th c./2nd half
A&LLd (Adie & Lovekin Ltd [B] [C]) beginning 20th c.
A& N over C.S.L into a lobed contour (Army & Navy Cooperative Society Ltd [ L ] ) entered 1903
A&O (Atkin & Oxley: Henry Atkin & John Oxley [S]) 19th c./1st half
A&S (Aston & Son [ B ] ) 19th c./2nd half
AA (Alexander Aitchison [ E]) mid 18th c.
AA into two conjoined rectangles (John Allday & Son [ B ][ C ]) end 19th c.
A.A (Andrew Allison [ G ] ) 19th c./2nd half
A.A into a cut corners rectangle (Adolphe Aron and Albert Aron trading as Aron Brothers [ C ] [ L ]) end 19th c/beginning 20th c.
A.A into a cut corners rectangle (Albert Aron and Ernest Aron trading as Aron Brothers [ C] [ L ]) beginning 20th c.

A.A.V.&Co(A A Venour & Co [ B] ) end 19th c.
A.A.W.(A A Wall [ B] ) beginning 20th c.
AB into an oval (A. Beardshaw & Co [ S] ) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
AB (Adam Burgess [ E] ) 19th c./1st half
AB (Ambrose Boxwell [ D] )18th c./2nd half
AB into rectangle (Abraham Brownett [L] ) entered 1863
A B in separate squares (Ahronsberg Bros [B]) end 19th c.
AB into a trapezium (Amanda Birkett [L] ) end 20th c./present
AB&Co (A Brown & Co [B] [C]) beginning 20th c.
A.B (A Brown [E]) 19th c./2nd half
A.B& C.o (A Bromet & Co [B]) beginning 20th c.
AB&Co (Albert Baker & Co Ltd [B][L]) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
AB&sn into a shield (Andrew Barrett & Sons [ L ] ) 20th c.-1st half
AB&S into a shield (Andrew Barrett & Sons [ B ][ C ] ) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
AB&ss into a shield (Andrew Barrett & Sons [ B ] ) 20th c.-1st half
A B D into three conjoined circles (not identified) London 1936
A.B Ld (A Barnett Ltd [B] [C]) 20th c./1st half
A.B over H.H.W. (Alfred Benson & Henry Hugh Webb [ L ] ) 19th c./2nd half
A.B over G.B (Alice and George Burrows [ L ] ) 19th c./1st half
A.BROS Ld (Atkinson Brothers Ltd [S] beginning 20th c.
A between bros and ltd (Adie Brothers Ltd [B] [C]) 20th c.
A BROS LTD (Adie Brothers Ltd [B] [C]) 20th c.
A Bs into two separate squares (Ahronsberg Brothers [B]) end 19th c./beginning 20th c.
AB.S into a rectangle (Adey Bellamy Savory [ L ] ) entered 1826
A over BROS (A Bros [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
AC (Augustine Courtauld I [ L ] ) 18th c./1st half

AC (Alexander Clark [ L ] ) 19th c. beginning
AC (A Coghill [ G ] ) mid 19th c.
AC (Ann Cummins [ D ] ) mid 19th c.
AC into two conjoined circles (Alexander Crichton [ L ] )19th c./2nd half
AC (Arthur Cook [ B ] ) beginning 20th c.
AC into a wavy round contour (Albert Carter [ B ] ) 20th c./1st half
AC into two conjoined circles (Alfred Clark [ L ]) 20th c./1st half
AC into two separate squares (not identified [ L ]) 1986
A.C (Alexander Campbell [ G ] ) 19th c./1st half
A.C into a shield (Andrew Crespel [ L ] ) mid 19th c.
A.C into a shield (Alexander Clark, entered Oct 1894 - The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Company, entered May 1898 [ L ] [ S ]) end 19th c.
A.C into a shield (Alwyn Carr [ L ] ) 20th c./1st half
A.C &Co into an oblong chamfered rectangle (Cohen & Charles -Albert Cohen & Charles Solomon- [ C ] ) end 19th c.
A.C &Ss over Ld (A C & Sons Ltd [L][B][S]) 20th c.
A.C.Co (Frank Rabone & Walter Hayes Rabone, trading as Albion Chain Co [ B ][ C ][ L ] ) end 19th c.
AC co over ld into an oval (Alexander Clark & Co Limited [ B ][ L ][ S ] ) 20th c.
ACJ &Co (A C Jackson & Co [ B ]) 20th c./1st half
A.C.H (not identified) London 1951
AC over MCo into a shield (Alexander Clark & Co Limited [B][L][S] ) 20th c./1st half

A.D (Alfred Deeley [ B ] 20th c./1st half
A.D into a rectangle (Allen Dominy [ L ]) entered 1790
AD (Andrew Davidson [ E ] mid 19th c.
AD (Charles Adam [ L ] 18th c./1st half
AD (Archibald Douglas [ L ] 19th c./1st half
AD into a lozenge (Alfred Dunhill & Sons [L][B]) 20th c.
A.D over J.D without frame (Auguste & Joseph Delacour [ B ][ L ]) 20th c.-1st half
ADL (Abraham David Loewenstark [ L ]) 19th c.-2nd half
A.D.Ld into a rectangle (Arthur Downing Ltd [ B ][ L ]) end 19th c.
AE into a shield (Adam Elder or Alexander Edmondston III [ E ]) 19th c./1st half
AEB (Albert Edward Bonner [ L ]) 20th c./1st half
A.E.C. (Birmingham 1972)
A.E.J into an oval (A.E. Jones [B] [C]) 20th c./2nd half
A.E.K into a shield (A E Kinman [S] ) entered 1906
AEP&CoLtd (A E Poston & Co Ltd [B][S]) 20th c./1st half
A.E.R (A E Robinson & Co [ B ]) 19th c./2nd half
A E S into a trefoil (Arthur Elwell Spurrier [L]) 19th c./2nd half
*A.E.W* into an oblong six sides polygon (Arnold E Williams [ B ]) entered 1929


The hallmarking of British sterling silver is based on a combination of marks that makes possible the identification of origin and age of each piece. The silver assay marks are:
Town mark, corresponding to the hallmark of the Assay Office which verified the piece

London town mark    Sheffield town mark    Birmingham town mark    Newcastle town mark    Dublin town mark    Edinburgh town mark    Glasgow town mark

Lion passant guardant or Britannia or lion's head erased, certifying the silver quality

lion passant: 1598-1820    lion passant: after 1820    Britannia and lion's head erased: from 1697 to 1718

Maker's mark, identifying the silversmith presenting the piece to the assay office (usually the initials of Christian name and surname of the silversmith)

examples of maker's mark

British and English silver date letters hallmarking system, in cycles of twenty letters of the alphabet of different shape identifies the year in which the piece was verified by the Assay Office

London date letter 'a' London date letter 'a'

A further mark was used in the period 1784 - 1890:
Sovereign head ('duty mark'), certifying the payment of the duty

Sovereign head: duty mark George III, 1784 Sovereign head: duty mark George III, 1795 Sovereign head: duty mark George IV, 1822 Sovereign head: duty mark George IV, 1825 Sovereign head: duty mark William IV, 1835 Sovereign head: duty mark Victoria, 1838


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